Patconsult. LAB is a GLP-certified histopathology laboratory that provides analysis and consulting services for preclinical studies.

We are pathologists with more than 30 years of experience in the evaluation of samples corresponding to experimental pathology studies, experimental models, regulatory studies etc..., with all the species normally used (rodents, rabbit, Beagle, minipig, NHP).

With our digitization service (histopathology image analysis), the high-resolution images obtained are used to evaluate the samples under study, and conduct histomorphometry, measurements, counts, and other analyses.

Areas of Action

Patconsult.LAB has a team of pathologists with extensive experience in the evaluation of samples corresponding to experimental pathology studies, experimental models, regulatory studies, toxicologic Pathology etc...

Compliance with the GLP studies (Good Laboratory Practice) in all regulatory areas is guaranteed by Quality Assurance Unit. Compliance is ensured through the analysis and evaluation of all studies, procedures, facilities, and staff at our site and by guidance on GLP certification.

Toxicologic Pathology

GLP Studie

Experimental Pathology

Efficacy studies, experimental models

Medical devices

Biocompatibility, subcutis, muscle and bone implants

Tissue Bank & Sample Procurement
Our Histopathology Lab has extensive experience in all types of spontaneous lesions (Background lesions) and induced lesions in all species normally used in this type of Studies (rodents, rabbit, Beagle, minipig, NHP).

Professional Profile

Patconsult lab. has pathologists in house and additional consultant pathologists. Guidance advising and consulting in special pathological questions or study design. Peer review / cross check, photographic appendix on request, transfer of technical knowledge to sponsor

Study time-lines

Study time-lines for tissue preparation for common standart studies mouse / rat / dog/ rabbit / minipig and nhp (28-day oral toxicity; with recovery (60 / 32 animals)

Without Histopathological investigation

• 4 weeks (without bones)

• 5-6 weeks (with bones)

With Histopathological Investigation (draft delivery)

• About 6-8 weeks after the receipt of samples


Background lesion in Wistar Rat. Lung. Vascular mineralization. Obj. 10x.

Induced lesion in Wistar Rat. Kidneys. Papillary necrosis. Obj. 4x.


Induced lesion in Beagle Dog. Lung. Bronchitis / Bronchiolisis with foreign bodies. Obj. 10x.


Background lesion in Cynomolgus monkey. Cecum. Balantidium Coli in the lumen. Obj. 40x.

Induced lesion in Cynomolgus monkey. Mammary gland. Ductal Ectasia / Increased glandular secretion. Obj. 4x.

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