Digital histopathology system

At Patconsult.LAB we have implemented a digital histopathology system via a high-speed high-resolution slide scanner for studies processed at our laboratory.

The high-resolution images obtained are used to evaluate the samples under study, and conduct histomorphometry, measurements, counts , and other analyses.

Digital slides can be copied and shared so they can be used in a variety of applications such as being viewed and discussed by a large group of people in real time.

Digital slide storage. Compared to glass slides, digital slides do not deteriorate and are better protected from potential loss or damage. Images can be visualized in their original quality anytime, anywhere.

Database. Digital images obtained can be stored in a database and can be included in the laboratory information system. This allows for data sharing and creating image archives for remote research centers. Networks. Digital images can be observed and evaluated remotely via Internet or local intranet.

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